Investing in Metro Detroit

Metro Detroit is the hottest investment market in the country. There are almost no other places in the World where you can invest between $20,000 and $50,000 per home and still collect a cash on cash return of over 20%! In a recent visit to Detroit Vise President of the United States of America Joe Biden said “Buses are moving … the streets are plowed, the trash is picked up,” he told the crowd. “People … are back to work. You are coming back. You are coming back.” Detroit is quickly becoming one the World’s favorite underdog stories. When it entered Bankruptcy in July of 2013 the it made headline news across the country and the World as it was “America’s largest city to ever declare Bankruptcy” however when Detroit exited Bankruptcy in December of 2014 attention was quickly turned around. Investors from all over the globe starting flocking in to take advantage of the real estate prices on everything from single family homes to skyscrapers.

Robin Scovill a famous film maker from Los Angles turned investor put it best when he said “It’s the Wild West, man. If you’re a young entrepreneur with very little experience, you can come here and hustle and work your way through it and find a way. If you’re a Japanese rock band that wants to own your own studio, come here. If you’re a young family looking to start over in a way that feels more meaningful, you’re surrounded by people creating meaning. I don’t think anybody has anything to bring to Detroit because everything is already here.” Metro Detroit is an investors paradise and “Top Agent” Greg White is the industry leading expert. Find out more about what all our team can do for you below!

  • Hire one team to do all the work. Take possession of a turn key investment you created by hiring one team to orchestrate all of the necessary steps including purchase, rehab, marketing for rent, lease execution, move in, and property management.
  • Don’t pay the high price for a turn key home when you purchase from other Detroit developers or wholesalers or international “brokers” selling “turnkey homes” that are not even tied to Detroit. Some companies will charge $50,000 or more for a property they purchased for $10,000 and rehabbed for $10,000. That’s a $30,000 project management fee!
  • Expect more accountability from us as a team. Our individual companies are more vested into your project as we know that a good purchase will make a hot rental, a quality rehab will increase the home’s value, and a strong tenant will make the client a repeat buyer.

Work hand and hand with Metro Detroit’s most well known, reviewed, and studied agent when finding what investment strategy is best for you. NO ONE in Michigan sells more investment properties than Greg White.