ark Property Management

Refusal of anything less than Excellence!

Our preferred management company’s faith is strong in the belief that by being knowledgeable & trustworthy advisers & through working diligently & reliably, that in turn, we will not only gain on the financial realm of things, but with greater importance, we will have built the reputation of being integral, honest, and successful with the rapport between tenants, landlords, owners & the real estate industry in whole. We see a bigger picture with a greater purpose in the Metro Detroit’s investment market and feel that together we can rebuild and send this community beyond it’s prime that once presented itself. With that said, the key fundamentals of building this empire begins with the management of your assets.

Step 1- Making sure that your asset is in manageable condition and ready to show, free & clear of hazards that may pose upon occupancy, this includes proper securing of your asset during its vacancy, along with evaluating the immediate market value to get you the top notch income level that your property can produce.

Step 2- Creating an aggressive marketing plan with a competitive edge, leading prospect tenants to your asset, above all others.

Step 3- Tenant Screening – tenants are required to complete pre-screening prior to showing them properties in our inventory, once this has occurred & a prospect is pre-approved, then a home is found to their liking and the final application & approval process goes underway (this process is comparable to a mortgage approval. This may sound extensive, but it provides added security in establishing a long term landlord/ tenant relationship – bringing you even closer to obtaining our financial goal of your portfolio. Lastly, Step 4- although it is the last step, it certainly is not least, the actual management of your occupied portfolio – consisting of proper record of incoming rents and outgoing expenses per property and handling all tenant relations during the time that your home is under our management. This includes repairs & maintenance issues that may arise, with our in-field & on-foot agents and contractors, you can expect them to be handled in not only a courteous, timely and cost efficient mannerism, but more so – displaying our quality workmanship, resulting in the happy ending we are all striving for.

For more information please feel free to visit us at or give us a call at 855-627-9901